Custom Framing » FAQs

Why should I custom frame?

Frame design encompasses much more than simply putting a frame around your picture.  A properly completed custom frame establishes protection and creates a presentation for you to enjoy.  Whether you are framing a poster, a piece of fine or original art, your child’s ‘masterpiece’, a wedding invitation, or a hard earned certificate, custom framing will reflect your personal taste and will protect your piece for years to come.


How much will it cost?

Bring in your work and we will give you a free quote on a specific design. 

We have a large selection of mouldings and mats available.  Using standard materials, customers could expect to pay approximately $30.00-$75.00 for a small project, $75.00-$150.00 for medium, $200.00-$350.00 for large, and $350.00-$500.00 for oversized.  Based on customer comments, our prices often run less than large craft stores, even after the coupons these chain stores offer!! 


How long does it take to finish my framing?

Our normal turn-around time is one week.  One day turn-around under special circumstances is offered if in-stock materials are selected.  We also offer ‘while you wait’ mat and glass cutting and sealing.


Can you match the frame I bought a long time ago?

Very often this can be done, unfortunately, it will not always be possible.  There are times when a particular moulding is discontinued by the manufacturer, or perhaps the moulding is still available but the coloring has changed due to variations in wood or finishes.  When an exact match to your older frame cannot be found, we will try our best to find a substitute that meets your satisfaction. 


What is conservation glass and when do I need to use it?

Conservation glass should be used when framing valuable, sentimental, limited edition or original art, and anything of museum quality.  This type of glass blocks up to 98% of the UV rays.


What should I use to clean my glass?

Many commercial window cleaners will suffice, however, you should always avoid those containing ammonia.  Remember to always spray the cleaner on a cloth and not directly on the glass, as the liquid is likely to drip down between the glass and frame which could cause damage.


What’s the best way to protect my item until I can bring it in to be framed?

Always store your picture in a folder, protective covering, or a large tube.  When storing prints or posters in a tube, however, try not to use rubber bands, tape, or paperclips as serious damage is likely to occur.  Limited edition prints and valuable documents should be stored flat with acid-free protection.