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Matting is the term used to describe the ‘window cut’ placed around an image within a frame.  Mats serve as a spacer to allow your artwork to expand and contract with changes in humidity.  The Little Gallery carries major brands of mat board including Crescent, Artique, and Bainbridge.   We offer a vast array of colors, fabrics, and textures (including suede, linen, and silk) to ensure the right look for each piece being framed.  Using our Wizard, a state-of-the-art computerized mat cutter, we are able to create personalized and unique designs, as well as complete large scale orders in a prompt manner. 


Rag Mat (Museum / Conservation Quality) & Alpha Cellulose Board

These boards are 100% acid-free cotton fiber and are solid colored throughout.  Rag Mats are the highest quality of conservation mat board and are recommended for the following items:


-                     Fine Art Prints

-                     Heirloom Needle Art

-                     Items of Historical Importance

-                     Limited Edition Prints

-                     Photographs

-                     Rare and Antique Documents

-                     Valuable Documents

-                     Valuable Works of Original Art


Buffered Acid-Free Boards

These are matboards that have had most of the acid removed during manufacturing and a buffering agent added to neutralize the acids.  Buffered Acid-Free Boards reflect the very latest in colors, textures and patterns offering versatility, affordability and creative options that reflect today’s trends in art and home décor.  These boards are available with a bright white or black core, as well as several options with colored core.  This type of board is not recommended for artwork that requires a high level of conservation quality as the buffering agent loses effect over time.  These boards are recommended for the following items:


-                     Non-conservation decorative framing and general presentations

-                     Open-end reproductions

-                     Posters and decorative art

-                     Photographs

-                     Shadow Boxes


Paper Mats

Wood pulp based matboards contain lignin which will eventually break down and create acid which will ultimately prove damaging to the artwork.  These boards are available in a vast variety of colors and textures and provide affordability and slight protection for traditional, non-conservation framing.  Paper mat boards are only recommended for the following items:


-                     Non Conservation decorative framing

-                     General presentations

-                     Posters

-                     Decorative Art

-                     Open End Reproductions